We have been located at the foothills of the Veneto region in the Treviso province, the best suited for wine production, in the heart of the CONEGLIANO VALDOBBIADENE DOCG production area. .

T he micro-climate is influenced by the proximity of the Pre-Alps and the morphology of the hills, which even in winter provide breezy, quite dry days with big ranges in temperature and winter frosts. This gives Prosecco stability and structure and it lessens the formation of plant parasites and diseases. In fact, from June up until the harvest we only apply natural, organic treatments to the grapes, as stated by the wine-making protocol from the Prosecco Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG consortium. .

T he grapes don’t need highly fertile land. They actually prefer poor-quality soil which differs in composition and texture. It is a plant which can adapt to any type of soil, and that is why the vine variety itself never gives identical grapes when cultivated on land using different techniques. The chemical constitution of the terrain in the production area of the CONEGLIANO VALDOBBIADENE DOCG is ideal for this type of cultivation.

T he type of training used is the double Guyot, or the upside-down system, which as a result provides a more uniform vegetation along the vines and thus a greater yield and a tidier distribution of the grape. This technique is particularly suitable for hilly terrain and those where there is a shortage of water.

O n our vineyards the harvest is manual, and the bunches of grapes are collected in a crate in order to keep them whole and prevent them from oxidising before pressing. This allows us to not involve chemical treatments after the harvest. Our vineyards can be divided up into three main areas: Refrontolo, Solighetto and Sernaglia della Battaglia.


This is our historical vineyard, located just a few hundred metres from the famous Molinetto della Croda and several kilometres from urban centres and industrial areas. There are 3 hectares of vineyards, facing either North East or South East and at an altitude of between 250 and 300 metres high. Steep, impassable and wild, it can only be worked manually and it has breath-taking views. The land is submerged in the forest and it is a mixture between a rocky and sandy compound, which is referred to as “salis” in the local dialect. This rather particular composition offers the plant a constant supply of water and minerals; it actually doesn’t require mechanic irrigation at any time of the year. Our multi award-winning RIVE DI REFRONTOLO SUPERIORE DOCG originates from these grapes.


This vineyard is on a hill, next to the wine cellar. It is a clayey, shallow terrain on a steady incline facing towards the south. There are 3 hectares of vineyards, facing either North East or South East and at an altitude of between 160 and 200 metres high. Due to its special chemical composition, this terrain gives the wine complex olfactory sensations, mellowness and good alcohol strength. Our award-winning RIVE DI PIEVE DI SOLIGO SUPERIORE DOCG originates from these grapes, which is a true expression of the peculiarity of this area and strictly controlled by the rigid protocol of the CONEGLIANO VALDOBBIADENE DOCG supervisory consortium.


This vineyard represents the best expression of the distinctive prosecco from the Piave area. It originates from a flat terrain, with a pebbly substrate and covered in earthy material. It is a highly permeable terrain and that is why it requires drip irrigation. It is located on well-ventilated, sunny ground. Here the glera is nurtured with the sylvoz method, and our PROSECCO TREVISO DOC originates from these grapes.