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Grape varieties: 90% Glera, 5% Bianchetta, 5°/o Perera
Area of origin: steep ground in Pieve di Soligo
Altitude: 150 meters above sea level
Composition of the soil: calcareous-siliceous
Vine training system: Sylvoz and Guyot
Vine density: 3500 plants/ha
Exposition: north – south
Yield per hectare: 12.000 kg/ha
Residual sugar: 7 g/L
Alcohol: 11,5%
Recommended serving temperature: 4 – 6 °C
Harvest period: first – second decade of September or when grapes
reach the aromatic maturity

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Prosecco is now considered a vine native to the hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, where tradition and grapes quality express the best of its features. The right exposure, the type of soil, and in particular the climate, are the right microclimate that characterizes and defines its own personality to the product from the raw materials to the final product. It is an excellent expression of the land of origin and of the meticulous care with which the grapes are processed. This product represents the final result of proven and refined methods, which have led to this very delicate and fruity wine, with unmistakable and decided aromas. In the case of “Trerive” the so called “rive”, (vineyards on steep ground) determine a particular freshness that improve the peculiar characteristics of prosecco.

Vinification: the grape comes from a careful selection of grapes which, after having reached the aromatic maturity, are early harvested, allowing to obtain maximum freshness. Harvesting is carried out by hand and grapes are immediately transported in the cellar, by using boxes from the maximum load of 15 kg. Here the grapes are soft pressed, in order to extract only the free-run must. The grape must obtained is left to decant and then is activated the fermentation with the addition of selected yeasts. When fermentation is finished, the wine obtained continues its refining for two months and then starts the second fermentation in autoclave, according to the Charmat method.

Organoleptic properties: wine with a pale straw-yellow colour and a small and persistent perlage. Its bouquet presents fruity and flowery notes with pleasant scents of green apple, pear, fruit with white pulp in general, almond and acacia flowers. The so called “rive” stand out citrus notes with pleasantly citrine feelings. The subtle bouquet is supported by a right freshness enhanced by the citrus notes and by an aftertaste which lets emerge all the sensory notes perceived by smell. It expresses with a fine balance taste and smell, which is enhanced by the vivacious perlage and the pleasant freshness, which persists in spite of the sugar component.

Food affinities: it is suitable for delicate dishes, in particular with desserts made with yellow pulp fruit. It is also suitable with risotto with seasonable vegetable.


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